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February Ohio Section Journal


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Ohio HF Emergency Preparedness Net. Tues at 7PM on 3850 kHz (+/-)
Ohio Digital Emergency Net (OHDEN) Tues at 8PM. 3585 kHz and 7072 kHz USB.
Ross T. Stillisano KB8JTZ Memorial Award Winner: David Rickon NF8O, of Medina, OH

Greetings and salutations from the Northeast corner of the Buckeye State where the temperature is 39 degrees and raining.

Many thanks to the Western Reserve Amateur Radio Club for having me at their recent club meeting. It was fun, had a great time, and I look forward to my next visit.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the ARES Forum at the Mansfield Hamfest. We had great attendance and there wouldn't be any forum without you.

There will be another ARES Forum at the Toledo Hamfest in Perrysburg on Sunday, March 16th. Check out for hamfest details. This forum will be especially important as I'll be announcing details from the Ohio ARES Leadership meeting.

Just a reminder, the Ohio ARES leadership meeting will be held on Saturday, March 15th at the State of Ohio Emergency Operations Center. Meeting starts at 10AM and will conclude at 3PM. This meeting is for all those who hold ARES appointments including Assistant Emergency Coordinators and Official Emergency Stations. There's quite a bit on the agenda so please ensure your county and district is represented at this annual meeting.

DEC Eric Jessen N8AUC writes...
Ohio ARES Tenth District will be holding a Special Training Event on Saturday, March 1, 2014. This training is offered free of charge to all interested radio amateurs. The location will be the Lubrizol Conference Room at Tri-Point Medical Center. This link will get you to a map of the location, along with available driving directions. Click on the link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Doors will open at about 8:30AM for coffee and donuts, with the actual training beginning at 9:00AM. Lunch will be provided to all attendees, and you should be on your way home before 4:00PM. Since lunch will be provided, and the room only holds 68 people, advance registration is required. After all, we need to know how much food to have on hand. You can register for this event at Just click on the link, and a form will pop up. Fill it in, and you’re good to go. Contact me directly if you have any questions. Hope to see YOU there!!!

In final...
There are many public service events scheduled throughout the year. These events rely or depend on amateur radio for situational awareness among other things. These events need your help. Please get in touch with your Emergency Coordinator or District Emergency Coordinator to find out when they are. Mark the dates down on your calendar so you can plan accordingly.

That's all I have for this week. Thank you for everything you do for amateur radio.

73, de Matt W8DEC
Section Emergency Coordinator


It's hard to believe it's time to write another newsletter article, but yet here we are in February, which from my window, looks the same as January. Let me jump right into the good-stuff – HAMFESTS! The Mansfield Hamfest will be Sunday February 16th, by the time you read this, it will be history! I am looking forward to attending, my husband Gary, KE8O and I like to make a day of it. When I accepted the ACC position, one of the first things Gary asked me was “does this mean we're going to more hamfests?” I knew I was in trouble right then and there! I have been reading all the newsletters that come my way and I try to put as as much information from each club in my newsletter article and on my blogsite as possible. If you have an event, class, testing session, or anything radio related you would like to have on my blog please send it my way and I will put it out there as soon as I receive it.

What's the Scoop?

Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association..
This months meeting will on February 26th at 7:30pm and the topic is preparedness - In this newsletter article, Club President Dave Self, K8SSN says “This month the Program will be about preparing for ANYTHING. As hams we need to be ready for all the things that might be bestowed upon us. Such as, tornado’s, hurricanes, major earthquake, brownouts, blackouts and not to forget the zombie apocalypse."

The club also inducted two new members into the 2013 GCARA Hall of Fame:
Jay Adrick, K8CJY and Tom Denham, K8VOE. Congratulations to them both!

Follow the GCARA on the web and on Twitter…@W8DZ

Highland Amateur Radio Association..
I am fortunate to receive the HighlandARA MONDAY MORNING MEMO, which takes the place of their newsletter, and has weekly updates on their club happenings. It's a great idea and I have learned a lot from reading them each week. This week they shared their pick for Web Site of the Week - If you need a place to track earth satellites, Ham, television, military, GPS, radio and a host of others. It also shows which of the satellites are the brightest to your eyes in the early morning and evening skies.

Also in the 'MMM' - At 8:30 PM each Monday evening, Bob, K8TQK, calls the 144.252 mhz two meter weak signal activity net. He normally has around 30 check-ins from as far as 400 miles from his Bainbridge QTH. Tuesday evening sees activity between 8-10 on the 222.1 mhz calling frequency. N4PZ conducts an activity night from the Chicago area on 432.1 mhz each Wednesday.

Portage County Amateur Radio Service (PCARS)..
PCARS had an interesting time at their last meeting.....Don't you hate it when you go to your normal meeting place (in this case a local restaurant) and they are closed? As the President and Vice President of PCARS said in their newsletter articles that it wasn't closed for the night, but forever!

Luckily things worked out for them and things are coming together!

PCARS VE sessions are scheduled for 10:00 am on the first Saturday of every even numbered month.
February 1st, April 5th, June 7th, August 2nd, October 4th, December 6th

Special General Class VE Test Session (Open to anyone) - March 4th – 7 pm

Special Amateur Extra Class VE Test Session (Open to anyone) - March 19th – 7 pm

OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society..
OH-KY-IN meets at the St. Bernard Municipal Building (Recr. Hall) at 120 Washington Ave. in St. Bernard (corner of Washington & Tower) on the first Tuesday of every month (except when elections conflict) at 7:30 PM. Please enter the doors that face the high school on Washington.

Visit OH-KY-IN on the web:

ARRL Special Service Club..
If your club is not an ARRL Special Service Club, this may be the year to do it! Click Here for information and the Special Service Club application. If you think your club is ready to take this step, and you would like assistance filling out the form or discussing what you need to do, contact me. If your club is not ready to take this step, contact me and we can discuss how we can turn your club into a SSC.

Include me on your club newsletter distribution list and if you are a social media person, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and on my ACC blog.

73, Sandy, N8YS

Affiliated Clubs Coordinator


Budget cuts have taken a toll on the NWS funding for spotter training. Consequently, There will be fewer training classes available this year out of the Wilmington office. In all likelihood, the classes currently listed on the NWS training schedule web page will be all that are offered. The full Wilmington, OH NWS training schedule can be viewed at:

The Greene County Amateur Radio License Courses, jointly sponsored by the three Greene County amateur radio clubs (Bellbrook, Fairborn and Xenia) and Greene County ARES, began on Sunday, February 16, and will run through Sunday, April 13. All sessions will start at 7:00PM and end at 9:00 PM.

An exam session is scheduled for Sunday, April 27, at 6:00 PM. For more information, or to register, contact Mike Crawford KC8GLE by email at:

OH-KY-IN’s classes for all levels of licenses started on February 3 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in St. Bernard. The technician and general classes run through February 24. The extra class will end one month later. Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) will be sponsoring its next Morse Code Course beginning Tuesday, February 18, 7:00 PM, at the BARC Clubhouse & Communications Center, Lower Level Sugarcreek Elementary School, 51 South East Street in Bellbrook. The course is open to anyone interested in learning Morse Code and getting into CW operating.

The course will provide instruction in learning Morse Code and developing a basic proficiency. CW operating techniques also will be discussed.

Multiple teaching aids will be utilized from code practice oscillator to CD to on-air reception and operation.

The course will be instructed by Ed Kulesa K2VEE with the assistance of Ken Gunton W8ASA and Tom Williams K9DAC. All three are excellent (and active) CW operators.

If meeting on Tuesdays presents a serious scheduling conflict, we'll consider finding a more agreeable regular meeting day / time. You do not need to pre-register for this course but If you have any questions or cannot make the Tuesday classes, please contact Ed Kulesa

An examination session in Technician, General and Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator's License will be available on Wednesday evening, March 19, 2014 in the Verity Lodge Miami University-Middletown, Middletown, OH, Doors will open for registration at 6 P.M. and exams will commence shortly thereafter. Please plan to arrive early as all registration activities are to be completed by 7 P.M. Additional information may be obtained from Dave Williamson, KD8W (513-424-5819) or Carl Morgan, K8CM (513-422-9384).

The 16th Flying Pig runs on Sunday, May 4! That's a mere 87 days away.Here's the link:
The "Group Password" is "ham".

You can safely say "No" to "willing to change assignments". You do not have to give an exact Date of Birth but if you indicate you are less than 18 years old, that causes parent/guardian issues.
This online volunteer tracking system is the only *official* way to sign up for the pig.

It’s the 11th hour 59th minute and you’re still trying to round up enough volunteers to provide communications for your marathon, bikeathon, parade, etc. Sound familiar? Imagine putting out one call for help and getting far more volunteers than you need. It’s possible, especially if you play your cards right. Allow me to explain. Some new hams recently asked me how they could get involved in public service. Chances are those who are taking part in various licensing classes will do likewise. Hams who are on vacation and those who have moved to your area may also step up to the plate. You’ll probably put them to work. will they come back? You have more to say about that than you probably realize. I have over thirty years of leadership experience with volunteers. The three keys that follow have led to my success in workingwith them. Use these keys and watch your volunteers come back again and again. They’ll probably help your future recruiting efforts, too, by sharing their positive experiences.

1. Get to know your volunteers individually. What do they want to do? (fulfill community service requirements, build their resume, make a difference, have fun, gain recognition, etc.

2. Find out what strengths they bring to the table and play to them. . Afterall, everyone wants to succeed.

3. Recognize volunteers individually for their unique contributions that made your event the resounding success it was. Yes, using these keys will take time. So does putting out repeated calls for help. Will those who stepped up to the plate the first time come back again? The answer depends on the choice you make.

73, Kitty Hevener, W8TDA

Assistant Section Manager (SW)



By this time, most of us probably realize how much we have been spoiled by the mild winters we have become accustomed to. This year is certainly not mild nor am I accustomed to it. I hope that we are not in line for more of this or worse. We have had several days with sub zero temperatures including the last two and snow that seems to just keep falling. My back yard has over a foot of it now and it is falling again right now.I thought I would have been outside with the camera taking a few shots of the OCF dipole and supports I put up late last year. I suppose I could have, but I didn’t think most of our readers would appreciate more pictures of the snow. So, I’ll save that story for a later and hopefully a more spring like environment to brighten up the pictures and perhaps provide you with some workable options for installing wire antennas when there are no trees to support them.
It’s been a busy season with the holidays last year and a new grandson in November followed by another in January. I have not had much time to devote to radio in the last three months. I had hoped to be working on some of the newer digital modes and have my station configured for it. I have also been looking at working with the Raspberry Pi board on a D-Star implementation. That reminds me, ARRL has several publications available. “Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE” contains a lot of useful information on the subject including many useful projects for the Radio Amateur. The ARRL store also has several titles in the “For Dummies” series and “Nifty Guides” for “Raspberry Pi” and the HF digital modes.

One of our local Amateurs, Jeff Potteiger WB8REI has put together an implementation of the “Raspberry Pi” providing access to both “IRLP” and “Echolink”. As soon as this weather breaks and we aren’t frequently outside shoveling snow, I will spend some time with Jeff and see what he has crafted. It sounds quite interesting and should enable easy and functional access to both of those digital networks via the internet.

As I write this, we are just a few days away from the Mansfield Hamfest. I hope to see many of you there again this year. Going to Mansfield is a great way to start off the year in Amateur Radio especially with this winter having its way with us. I hope that we don’t have any difficulty getting there this year.

73, Jim Yoder W8ERW

Technical Coordinator



I’m mighty tired of that White Stuff that at the moment has deposited 4 inches so far today!

TUSCO Hamfest was pretty good for the weather was pretty bad at least North of I-70. There was a few hearty souls that ventured out even from as far away as Dayton and WV that I knew of. Thanks to Gary K8WFN & Janice KB8YDK Green for heading the event up. Good Job from you and all your helpers.

I had a little problem on my way home. I went a little too far to the left while passing and spent over an hour waiting for help after I landed in the medium headed North instead of South. The car kept running but it took me a while to get oriented. I called 911 right after it happened and did not have an idea where I was. Later I saw cars coming down the ramp to go North so then the window saw clear enough over my left Shoulder a Duke sign & a McDonalds sign and figured out I was near Rt 36. A State Patrol Gentleman came about that time and opened the passenger door to ask me if I was OK, which I was. He called for a wrecker for me and came back and told me he had to go check to see if others were having trouble. I had a book with me and almost finished the book while I waited.

The State Patrol and a Deputy Sheriff pulled up and here came the wrecker. They put a chain around my front axel and slick as a whistle I was back headed South. I asked it they needed any more from me and then started toward home. About 5 minutes later a car whizzed by me and ended up in the same situation. I made it home safely.

73/88, Connie Hamilton, N8IO

Assistant Section Manager - Southeast Ohio



New Year greetings from your new Ohio Section Official Observer Coordinator John, W8RXX

I want to thank Rick, KK8O who has recently stepped down from his 10 years of service as OOC. He was first appointed an OO in 1977. He has been most helpful during this transition. He is off helping his 11 year old granddaughter get licensed amongst other things. I hope to continue receiving his OO reports. Rick, we all wish you the best!

I want to thank all the OO’s in the program as often they are unappreciated. If you happen to run into an OO please thank them for helping protect YOUR hobby into the future.

Most amateurs realize the OO program is there to note discrepancies and call them the attention of those who are often unaware to a violation of the rules. Here is a fact you may be unaware of, many OO’s send out more Good Operator Reports than Advisory Notices.

73, John Perone, w8RXX

Official Observer Coordinator



Village of Swanton Antenna Decision Appealed..

On February 4 the Village of Swanton filed a notice of appeal, appealing the decision of the Fulton County Common Pleas Court in the case of Wodtke v. Village of Swanton. The case is the first court case that we are aware of involving application of Ohio’s new antenna legislation, H.B. 158 (129th General Assembly). The Trial Court ordered the approval of an application to the village by Gary Wodtke, WW8N, for approval of an antenna variance. The Village denied the application and Mr. Wodtke appealed that decision to the Fulton County Common Pleas Court. The Court ruled in Mr. Wodtke’s favor and the Village is now appealing that order. In the docketing statement filed with the Court of Appeals the Village asserts four potential issues to be argued in the appeal, including whether Revised Code Section 5502.031, enacted by H.B. 158, is constitutional and whether it was constitutionally applied in this case.

Ohio law grants a right of appeal from final decisions of a common pleas court. The decision here is appealed to the Sixth District Court of Appeals, headquartered in Toledo. The appellate process involves first, filing the record of proceedings in the common pleas court, then briefs of each of the parties and, finally, a brief oral argument to the court. Appellate decisions are heard by a three judge panel that is usually designated near the time for oral argument. Decisions normally take a number of months after oral argument. Appellate decisions are generally final, unless further review is granted by the Ohio Supreme Court. While a court of appeals decision represents the law only in that appellate district, it carries significant precedential value in other Ohio courts and may also be cited in similar cases in other states.

Mr. Wodtke is represented by Toledo attorney Carey Cooper and by Fred Hopengarten, K1VR a noted authority on zoning and amateur radio antenna issues. ARRL leadership at the national level is also aware of the appeal. Scott Yonally, Ohio Section Manager and Jim Weaver, Great Lakes Division Director have enlisted support from the ARRL. In my discussion with League General Counsel, Chris Imlay, W3KD, it appears that the leadership of the League views this appeal as being one of precedential significance, not only for Ohio amateurs, but also for amateurs in other states that have passed state versions of FCC regulation PRB-1. Discussions are ongoing regarding various ways to help bring this appeal to a successful conclusion. We will keep you informed as further developments occur.

73, Nick, K8NAP

State Government Liaison



ARRL Teacher's Institute on Wireless Technology

The application window is now open for the ARRL Teacher's Institute on Wireless Technology for this summer's sessions:

* TI-1 June 23 - 26th at Dayton Amateur Radio Association, Dayton, OH

* TI-1 July 22 - 25th at ARRL Headquarters, Newington, CT

* TI-2 (Remote Sensing and Data Gathering) July 8 – 11 ARRL Headquarters, Newington, CT

These are great opportunities to get teachers and subsequently students involved in Amateur Radio!

If you are a teacher please get your application in soon if interested or if you know a teacher that may be interested please pass this on to them. Here is a link with more details on the program.

For those teachers that cannot attend or that are not accepted in ARRL Teacher's Institute on Wireless Technology, but are still interested, the Ohio Section will be hosting a "Mini TI on Radio Tech in Classroom"  this summer in Northeast Ohio. This opportunity will also be free. Details are still to be finalized including: the date(s), one or two days, a name, etc. If you or you know of anyone that might be interested in Mini TI please send me a direct message; this will be helpful as we finish planning and then announcing the event. In addition to interested teachers, I will also be looking for hams that would like to participate in a few different ways: volunteering to assist at the event, being able to make contacts from you home shack to the event, providing follow-up support for attendees from your are of the state, etc. Watch Section News for further details.

Many hams have been enthusiastically working the ARRL W1AW/ portable stations*. Wanting a more interactive way to track my progress, I have created Spreadsheet using Google Docs. It is available for free for others to copy and use. It requires no additional software be installed to run.

Here is the link--

To Get Started-

Make a copy of this spreadsheet, so you can enter your personal data. In its current state, you can only view it and not make changes. From the spreadsheet, Go to menu "File"..."Make a copy"

There are three worksheet tabs-

1. Instructions (along with version number and update notes)

2. Data Entry

3. Summary

* Here is a link to complete ARRL Centennial Operations-Portable W1AW Operations & QSO Party-

If you have questions, comments or need help you can email me at

73, Anthony, K8ZT

Assistant Section Manger for Educational Outreach



Thunder Base  2014

May 2 - 4 , 2014

What do "Legacy, Reverence, Adventure, Service, Fellowship" and over 8,000 Boy Scouts add up to ?  Only the greatest Simon Kenton Council Camporee ever!!

This year's Thunder Base 2014 "Where The Adventure Begins" Camporee is being held at the Ross County Fairgrounds is Chillicothe, Ohio.

Of all the events that will be going on during the camporee, there is one that will perk up everyone's ears... Amateur Radio!

We have an exciting Amateur Radio program prepared to help each scout understand the principles of radio and have a lifetime of service and fun using amateur radio. With the program that we are setting up for Thunder Base, we will have HF radios operating phone and CW, as well as digital communications. There will also be radios set up operating ATV, Echolink, APRS, Satellite and possibly even Moonbounce (EME). We will also be holding BSA Radio Merit Badge classes and free VE license testing for any scouts interested in getting the ham radio license.

During th event, we will be operating all over the amateur radio frequencies. There are some " World Scout Frequencies" that we will also be operating on. They are: 3.690 & 3.940Mhz., 7.190 MHz., 14.290 MHz., 18.140 MHz., 21.360 MHz., 24.960 MHz., 28.390 MHz., and  50.160 MHz..
For the event we have been permitted to use the K2BSA/8 callsign. If you are on the radio May 2nd thru the 4th and you hear the K2BSA/8 callsign, please get back to it! You may end up making contact with a future ham radio operator! Your contact could be what makes them decide to get their license.

If you get on Twitter, follow " OHradioscouting ". That is where I post information concerning radio scouting in the Ohio Section. I will also be posting Thunder Base updates there. Also, if your BSA district or council is having an event and would like me to post it on " OHradioscouting ", email me the info and I will put it on.

That's all for now. Remember: Take care, stay safe, and make a difference in someone's life !!

73, Scott, KC8ITN

Assistant Section Manger for Educational Outreach- Scouting



It is time again for the Annual ARRL Ohio Section Amateur (Ham) Radio Newsletter Contest. This contest has become very popular and there have been obvious improvements to the newsletters over the years. This was the objective of the Ohio Section PIC (Joe Phillips, K8QOE) when he created it back in 1992..."

Now the rules:
A.) An eligible newsletter must be regularly published at least four (4) times per year by an Ohio Amateur Radio organization. The Ohio Section Journal and the newsletter for any club that the current PIC is affiliated with are not eligible.

B.) Each organization submitting a newsletter for the contest must enter at least two (2) issues starting with January 2014 for judging. All Amateur organizations that have regularly been sending newsletters to the Ohio PIC are automatically entered (as long as these publications qualify under rule A, or C if applicable). Unless you are automatically entered, the deadline for entries is Monday, June 30, 2014, and all entries must be in the hands of the Ohio PIC by that date.

C.) Electronic (Web based) produced newsletters may also enter. Non-amateurs, in the Public Relations industry will do the judging. They will be judging on style (15%), content (35%), service to membership (35%), and clarity of presentation (15%). Style means newsletter design of all pages. Content means amount of useful information contained in the newsletter. Service to members means amount of information using individual members' names. Clarity of presentation means readability of the newsletter including accuracy of English grammar.

D.) No entries can be returned and all decisions of the judges on content and eligibility are final. The Ohio PIC only serves to certify entries, to provide the judges with entries, and to announce their decisions only.

E.) The decision of the judges is final.



I borrowed that title from a good friend of mine. Hope you don’t mind Phil.. I’ve been looking for a catchy title for my column and I think this one fits the best.. I like it.

I know that Buckeye Chuck says that spring will come early this year, but you could sure fool me with all of this nasty weather that we’ve had these past several months.

Ok, enough of that.. Now on to the business at hand..

I want to continue to encourage all of you to watch the RSS feeds for updates to the website. You can set your browser / email programs to “watch” for updates coming through on these RSS feeds as well. This way you’ll be notified quicker that something has been added. Why do I push this so hard? I want you to be informed. I want you to know when something is posted that can have an effect on how you operate, or just have fun with this great hobby of ours. The RSS feed on the front page of the website is information fed to us directly by the ARRL. As soon as it’s published to the internet, it appears on our website. This is not the only RSS feed that is on the website either. Our Section Emergency Coordinator has one as well as the Affiliated Clubs Coordinator. Having these feeds on the website gives us the ability to get the news quickly and directly from the person writing the news. No middle man to wait on.

I’ve added to the Quick Links section of the main webpage (the left side) a section were you can quickly see all the upcoming ARRL Approved hamfests in Ohio. I’ve also linked them to their respective websites so if you need more information about a particular hamfest, you can just click on the link and go there without all the muss and fuss..

Have you checked out the link to a new video from the ARRL? It’s called ARRL at 100. It’s about a 25 minute video all about the first 100 years of not only ARRL, but Amateur Radio. It’s really a good video and I do encourage all of you to take the time to watch it. It’s worth it, believe you me.
There’s a new link in this same area to a program that our own Anthony Luscre, K8ZT wrote to track all of those W1AW / Portable stations with. It’s a great little Google Docs program that really works well. Since it’s written using Google Docs, no special software is needed. Just log on and fill it in. Give it a try, it’s a real blast.

Dayton Hamvention.. For those of you interested, the Ohio Section has been invited back to host the Field Services Organization booth at Dayton. Stop by and say hello. And, along that same thought.. Matt Welch, W8DEC has also been invited back to be the moderator of the ARES forum on Sunday morning. If you happen to be there on Sunday morning, drop in and support Matt.

The Speakers Bureau is starting to fire back up again after a holiday respite. I want to thank all of you that have invited me to your functions. One warning about inviting me.. I take pictures!! I also post them on the Section website. I do enjoy going and visiting with all of you. Please don’t forget that the entire Cabinet is Ohio’s Speaker’s Bureau. If you’d like any of us to come and be a speaker at your function, please feel free to give any of us a call.

Hamfest season is once again starting to heat up. Please don’t forget to register your hamfest with the League to be an Approved ARRL Hamfest. There’s lots of advantages to registering.

Have you noticed that there is a new survey posted on the website? I would like you to spend just 2 minutes of your time to complete this survey. It only has 3 (Yes/No) questions on it, but it will mean so much to all of us if you complete it.

Have you been receiving phone calls from some very strange phone numbers lately? The Better Business Bureau and major wireless carriers have issued an alert about a new phone scam called "One Ring." "The basics of this scam aren't new," AT&T spokeswoman Holly Hollingsworth said.
In "One Ring," a computerized dialer rings a cellphone number once and then disconnects. When curious consumers call the number, typically originating from the 473 area code, the call goes to Grenada and customers are charged $9.99 per minute.

"The best advice: Don't return a call to a number you don't know," said Verizon spokeswoman Laura Merritt.

Telemarketing issues are a common source of complaints and inquiries, said a spokeswoman for the Ohio attorney general's office. "In many cases, consumers report that the caller left no message or that the phone number that appeared on their caller ID had an out-of-country area code," spokeswoman Kate Hanson said.

Consumers who want to report telemarketing violations or potential scams can contact the Ohio attorney general's office at 1-800-282-0515.

That’s going to do it this month from here.. I hope to see all of you at the various hamfests or meetings soon.

Have a question? Feel free to give me a call or write to me.. My email and phone number are always listed on the Ohio Section Website..

73, Scott, N8SY

Section Manager



04/19/2014 | Our 2nd annual Earth Day event. Powered only by the sun.
Apr 19, 1500Z-2000Z
W8PRC, Cleveland, OH. Parma Radio Club.
21.285 14.235 7.185. QSL. Parma Radio Club,
7811 Dogwood Ln, Cleveland, OH 44130.
Beautiful QSL photo of the earth. Help us celebrate our marvelous planet


04/27/2014 | Two Modern Popes Now Saints
Apr 27, 1600Z-2000Z
ND8GA, Gates Mills, OH.
Gilmour Academy Amateur Radio.
146.55 21.255 14.255 7.255.

Certificate. Ken Kane, KG8DN, Gilmour Academy, 34001 Cedar Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040.
Gilmour Academy celebrates the dual canonization in Rome today of Pope John 23rd and Pope John Paul 2nd. Each worked effectively to serve the church and the world while "opening the doors" to lay people and youth. Mail a hard-copy QSL card to Gilmour with your email address to receive an emailed certificate.


03/16/2014 | TMRA Hamfest & Computer Fair
Location: Perrysburg, OH
Toledo Mobile Radio Association


03/22/2014 | MOVARC's Hamfest
Location: Gallipolis, OH
Mid-Ohio Valley Amateur Radio Club


04/05/2014 | Portsmouth Radio Club Hamfest
Location: Portsmouth, OH
Portsmouth Radio Club


04/12/2014 | Cuyahoga Falls ARC's 60th Annual Hamfest
Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club



Yes folks, it's that time of year once again. As that we will be going to Daylight Saving (notice no "S") Time we will be springing ahead one hour. This will happen at 02:00 Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Don't forget, or you will be late for everything until you "spring forward."