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Ohio Section Journal - December 2013 issue..

December 2013 Edition

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First let me say “thank-you” from the entire Ohio Section to E. Mike McCardel, KC8YLD (ACC), Jack Sovik, KB8WPZ (PIC) and Rick Swain, KK8O (OOC) who have recently retired from their positions in the past several months. They have all done an extremely good job over these past many years. We appreciate all that you have done to advance the Ohio Section and make it the GREATEST Section in the country.

And now.. (a drum roll please) it’s my great pleasure to announce the newest Ohio Section Cabinet members.

Sandy Mackey, N8YS from Delaware Ohio has been appointed to be our Affiliated Clubs Coordinator (ACC). NO, I didn’t make a typo in her call. She just happens to have the reverse of mine. Sandy is a member and former Vice president of the Delaware Amateur Radio Association (DELARA), an Assistant Emergency Coordinator and Public Information Officer for Delaware County ARES. 

She was the former member and Treasurer/Secretary for the Garden City Amateur Radio Club/GCARC (Garden City, Michigan), former Sunday Night Net Control for GCARC.  Currently she is the Public Information Officer/Outreach Coordinator for the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. 

She’s an active ARRL, W5YI, and Laurel VE and DELARA Field Day Coordinator.  And, for those of you who may not have been keeping score this past Field Day, DELARA came in 2nd in the nation this year in their class.  Her training is very extensive as well. She is a Skywarn Weather Spotter, CPR/AEP, Smart Triage, ARRL PR-101, Professional Mediation Course, Advanced Mediation Course,  WebEOC,  FEMA /NIMS courses, 100, 100.PW, 120.a, 200, 230.c, 235.b, 240.a, 241.a, 242.a, 244.b, 271, 300/400, 700, 702.a, 703, 800, 907, 20.13, G-290, G291, Professional Series.

She is an integral part of the inter-workings of an extremely active club <DELARA> that not only give classes to encourage the general public to join the ranks and then holds testing to get them licensed, but donates radios to those newbies to encourage and Elmer them along the way, but one that takes a very active roll with the local government agencies to help in times of need. 

Her husband Gary, KE8O and her son Andrew, W8DRE are also licensed and active in Amateur Radio and club activities as well.

She was first was first licensed in 1998 and obtained her Extra Class in 2005.

John Ross, KD8IDJ from Columbus was appointed to be the Public Information Coordinator (PIC). He's an award winning journalist and public relations practitioner. He's received honors from the Associated Press, United press international and many of the major network news operations.

As a journalist he's worked as a radio and television news reporter, on-air talent and anchor and as a guest columnist for many different types of publications.

In addition, he has been honored by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and many other organizations for his work across many different public relations activities including crisis management, media relations publications editing.

John has served as the Public Information Officer for The Ohio State University, State of Ohio, and several county and local organizations.

For over 25 years John has been a consultant for Wilson Group Communications, a Columbus, Ohio based crisis management and public relations firm. All of his communications and PR work spans his 20 career with AT&T as a Network Force and Load Manager.

John is also a lifelong musician, He began playing the trumpet at the age of 8 and took lessons from some of the most talented and prestigious instructors in the country. He was a five year member and squad leader of the Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL) and is also an Army trained musician serving with the 113th United States Army Band and the 338th Army Reserve Band. He's played with the Louis Bellson band and with Doc Severinsen.

His interest and passion for Amateur Radio and electronics began when he was 10 years old. With the help of this father he built a "walkie-talkie" and took it to a nearby Amateur Radio operator for the final tune-up. From then on he was hooked and with the help of the neighborhood ham, he was licensed as a Novice. He built much of his own equipment salvaging parts from old televisions. John also went on to obtaining all of the licenses necessary to operate and maintain commercial broadcasting stations.

John Perone, W8RXX from Gelena was appointed to be the Official Observer Coordinator (OOC). John started his career as a low voltage contractor in the professional sound, commercial video, and MATV / CATV business learning the trade. He then got into the manufacturer representative business which allowed him to teach others how to design, sell, and install systems.

It was at this time he also decided to get a pilots license to better serve his territory. His interest in aviation became strong enough to obtain his commercial license.

John is married and his wife Laura, KA8IWB is active on low bands and VHF.

John has been involved with a number of organizations over his years.

He is a ARRL VE, Official Observer, past President of the Central Ohio Radio Club (CORC), American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) just to name a few.

John was first licensed in January, 1967 as (WN8VPZ)

Sandy, John and John will start their new positions, as I will on January 1st. Please help me to welcome them to their new posts.

73, Scott Yonally, N8SY
Incoming Ohio Section Manager

(Folks, I am officially "passing the torch" onto Scott with this edition of the OSJ. It's been a great ride, and I am glad to have had the experience to make many friends over this period of my life. Catch you l8r down the log! 73 de Frank KI8GW)


Season's Greetings from the Northeast corner of the Buckeye State.

Looks like counseling is helping Old Man Winter and Mother Nature.

Temperatures and weather conditions are consistent with a winter wonderland. ;-)

We have 20 counties listed below (organized by district) that are in need of an Emergency Coordinator...

Ottawa; Allen; Mercer; Paulding; Adams; Warren; Carroll; Ashland; Holmes; Morrow; Fayette; Hardin; Logan; Union; Athens; Meigs; Ross; Vinton; Harrison; Washington

I am looking to make appointments in the counties above but volunteers are needed to apply. Being an Emergency Coordinator does require some of your time but with the help of Assistant Emergency Coordinators that you appoint, you will find an abundance of time. I can also tell you that you don't have to be retired or unemployed to do this job.

Many working people hold ARRL appointments. Once you're appointed, you won't be alone. There are neighboring counties that have EC's that are willing to help you. Every county is assigned an experienced District Emergency Coordinator that is ready to help you. We have three great Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators that are just a phone call or email away if you need help. And as always, my door is open. If you have a question or concern about being the next Emergency Coordinator in any of the counties listed above, send me an email at or give me a call at 440-585-7388. Even if you think you're not qualified... Even if you think you won't be a good leader... Even if you think you can't do it... Let us show you the ropes and help you get started in a rewarding ARRL appointment.

Congratulations to the Twenty Over Nine Amateur Radio Club for a great craft show and spaghetti dinner last Sunday. I had a great time and I was thoroughly impressed with the number of vendors and attendance. The food was fantastic! Hats off to everyone who helped make the event a success. Job well done.

The Warren Amateur Radio Association will be celebrating their 75th anniversary on December 15, 2013. The club has decided to do a special event throughout the week of the anniversary. This will be from December 15th, 2013 through December 21, 2013. Club members will be operating from home using the club call sign W8VTD on 80, 40, 20, and 15 meters during this week. Visit their website or contact Jackie N8JMW at should you have any questions.

And now a short message from Assistant SEC Mark KB8YMN - Let me introduce my self. I am Mark Griggs KB8YMN a newly appointed Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator For districts #3, #7 and #9 and I live in Franklin County, Ohio. As part of my job I have been given the task of recruiting and retention of ARES volunteers for the State of Ohio. As DEC’s and EC’s you are all aware that every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization is eligible to apply for membership in ARES.

The point is we need new blood to pass on the skills and knowledge that we and our members have gained. So we don’t have an ARES group dwindle away because of no new members. Which has happened before. I also understand that some counties have a smaller Ham community and it is harder to find members. And others have a larger Ham population and have no problem with recruiting. On the other hand can we afford to lose members for what ever reason.

So with that, what I am asking for is your help and input on questions regarding recruiting and retention of members. For example:

• What are your problems with recruiting new members.

• Do you have someone in charge of recruiting.

• Do you give ARES brochures to new Hams at VE sessions.

• Do you give ARES presentations to Ham clubs or different groups.

Also on retention do you:

• List member milestone anniversaries in your newsletter or give certificates.

• Thank members for their involvement in your events • Mentor new members.

• Contact members that have quit or stopped participating to find out why.

• Survey members to see what the think needs done to improve you group.

Questions like this is what I need answers for. So I am asking for all the Dec’s and EC’s in OHIO for your input. So that I can present to Matt W8DEC/ SEC, some type of plan. So this is your chance to have a say in the recruiting and retention plan for next year. Please email me with your responses. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

ASEC Scott N8SX is still collecting FEMA training certificates from volunteers for IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800. If you have not sent in your certificates, you're encouraged to do so by sending them electronically to

Perry County has been moved from District 8 to District 7. A new Ohio Section map reflecting this change will be out before the end of the year.

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Brenda KB8IUP, of Monclova, OH to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Lucas County in District 1. Please join me in welcoming Brenda to her new appointment by sending her an email to

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kenn KD8URO, of Roseville, OH to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Perry County County in District 7. Please join me in welcoming Kenn to his new appointment by sending him an email to

I am pleased to announce of appointment of Bruce KB8TRI, of Dublin, OH, to the position of Emergency Coordinator for Franklin County in District 7. Please join me in welcoming Bruce to his new appointment by sending him an email to

Congratulations to all the new appointees. I look forward to volunteering with you this upcoming year.

On behalf of the Assistant SEC's Scott N8SX, Mark KB8YMN, and Gary WW8O, I wish you a very happy holidays and prosperous new year!

One final note..

September 12, 13, and 14, 2014 have been selected for ARES Training Camp at Camp Falling Rock in Newark, Ohio. I have bounced these dates off of the Emergency Coordinators and District Emergency Coordinators and haven't seen any scheduling conflicts. Now I am asking for your help. Please review your calendar and advise of any scheduling conflicts. Thanks. Anyone interested in serving on staff or willing to be an instructor are asked to contact me at

Speaking of ARES Training Camp...I have been posting a few menu items for training camp on my Facebook page. Take a look at my Facebook page and let me know whatcha' think.

73 de Matt W8DEC

Section Emergency Coordinator



I would like to thank each and every club, their officers and members for their attention and cooperation over the past three years. This has been a very rewarding journey. I have enjoyed watching the clubs around Ohio grow and mature. You all are very special. Losing any club would be tragic. I will not be a stranger to Ohio or its clubs and I remain available as a speaker in my new position with AMSAT as their V.P. for Educational Relations. I hope to continue to work closely with ASMs Anthony and Scott in sharing information on education and youth outreach.

I wish to congratulate Scott Yonally, who will taking over the reigns as Section Manager in January 1st. Scott is a caring, kind and charismatic leader and will serve the Ohio Section well. Scott, know that I am at your service where ever my journey may take me.

I am excited to see that my replacement comes with credentials that far out weigh mine and know that the ACC will be in capable hands. Sandy Mackey, N8YS from Delaware Ohio will serve you well and, I am assured, is ready to hit the deck running.

Each month I give a short run down of what clubs across Ohio are doing. This month I am paying tribute to one club. I think celebrating their 100th Anniversary is an incredible accomplishment.

Cambridge Amateur Radio Association - W8VP - Celebrates 100 years of service to Guernsey County, Ohio, USA. First founded as the Cambridge Wireless Association in 1913 the club was founded by Roy Waller 8CL, Homer McMunn 8xx, and Paul Simcox. The club celebrated at THEO’S RESTAURANT in Cambridge, OH December 14.

Bruce Homer, N8JMK served as the Master of Ceremonies and Fred Barton, KB8MGI, presented the blessing. A host of speakers were on hand, in spite of the snow storm that hit the area that day, including Great Lakes Director Jim Weaver, K8JE, Great Lakes vice-Director Dale Williams, WA8EFK, Incoming Ohio Section Manager Scott and Assistant Section Manager for Southeastern Ohio , District 3 Connie Hamilton, N8IO. Local Author & Historian Bob Ballantine, W8SU, who presented "The Early Years". C.A.R.A. President Sonny Alfman, W8FHF presented "A Brief History of Last 50 Years" Other presenters included Guernsey County ARRL Emergency Coordinator Dick Wayt, WD8SDH and Guernsey County Emergency Management Agency Director Gerry Beckner. Various award presentations were made by Larry Dukes, KD8QYV, Bruce Homer, N8JMK and Sonny Alfman, W8FHF.

Over the years the club has boasted the 2nd (in Ohio) 4th (in US) YL in Miss Nellie Waller, founder Roy Waller's sister. C.A.R.A. hosted ARRL Amateur Radio Ham Conventions in the Berwick Hotel in both 1935 and 1937.

A book was published about the club, "Radio Boys Leave A Legacy" by R.R. Ballantine, W8SU, covering their history for the first fifty years. C.A.R.A is in the process of publishing " "A Century of Radio: W8VP Cambridge Amateur Radio Association 1913-2013."

Founder Roy Waller started the first AM broadcast station in eastern Ohio - WEBE. Among their Technical Achievements were First Micro-processor controlled two meter repeater in the State of
Ohio.   1972-73. First two meter repeater with a Voice ID system in the

State of Ohio.(Loop tape recorder).  1974. First packet digipeater operating under Node system control in the State.  1978.

The club also lists a plethora of Contest, Public Service, Amateur radio Promotions and Ham Fun Events over their 100 year history.

In celebration throughout 2013 C.A.R.A. has Performed twelve Special Event Stations (one a month), finishing with the 100 Year SES.

Performed Ham training classes and VEC exams. Supported the SCOUTFEST event with Amateur Radio Demonstrations, 1000 Scouts in attendance.

JOTA with 100 scouts on the air. Been the subject of Great articles in local newspaper on our activities and events. Participated in two TV and three Radio interviews reference our 100 Year birthday.

A photo slide show of the celebration can be viewed at the Section Web Site

The Cambridge Amateur radio Association has not only witnessed the history of Amateur Radio they were part of making that history.  Congratulations CARA!

Again thank you all and always remember, Get Out of Meeting Mode!

73, E. Mike McCardel, KC8YLD
ARRL Ohio Section V.P. Educational Relations, AMSAT-NA




Thanks to the efforts of Brian and Marji Deyoung, K4BRI and KJ4ZKC; Dick Arnett, WB4SUV; Dan Curtin, KF4AV; and Mike Eilers, AC4XS OH-KY-IN, k8sch, made a clean sweep of all 83 sections in the ARRL November Phone Sweepstakes. They accomplished this feat in just under 18 hours. Whew, what an accomplishment!

Congrats to Paul Gehringer, WB8ZZR, and his wife on becoming first time great grandparents.

Congratulations also go out to emergency coordinator, Steve Lewis (N8TFD) and Jen who tied the knot on Saturday, December 7. Jen proudly proclaims herself as his XYL. Hmm, any bets on how long it will take her to get a call sign? Perhaps one of the many licensing classes and exams listed below will help her accomplish that feat soon.


OHKYIN will be offering Technician, General and Amateur Extra licensing classes beginning Feb 3, 2014. All classes will run from 7 to 9 PM. The 4 week Tech and General Classes will end Feb. 24th. The 8 week Extra Class will wrap up on March 24th. Exams to follow on Mar 29. All classes and exams will be held at St. Bernard City Building (Centennial Hall) 110 Washington Ave, St. Bernard, OH 45217. Pre-class reading required for registration or information about classes and exams, please contact:

The DIAL RADIO CLUB will be offering a six-week technician class from Jan 29, through March 5, 2014. All sessions will run from 6 to 9 PM.

The class will be held in Verity Lodge, on the Middletown Campus of Miami University. Free Exams to follow on Mar 19. Class enrollment may be limited to twenty students. For registration and/or additional information, please call Beverley Taylor ( 513-423-3165) or Carl Morgan ( 513-422-9384).

If you or someone you know resolved to get a license in 2013 or upgrade an existing one, there’s still time to make good on that promise.

Dayton Amateur Radio Association will host a special Laurel NO FEE Amateur Radio test session on Tuesday December 31, 2013 at 4:30 PM in the Beavercreek High School axillary gym located at: 2660 Dayton Xenia Rd, Dayton, OH 45434. All levels of tests will be given. For MORE INFORMATION OR TO REQUEST SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS, CONTACT David Crawford at


On December 14, hams in the Zenia area provided communications for the Santa Run. This 5K run benefitted the Women's recovery center in Zenia.

The annual Hillsboro Holiday Parade came off on November 30 without a hitch. Some 13 members braved a sunny but cool late morning and afternoon to organize the parade and get it through the uptown streets of Hillsboro. A special thanks to SWL Bill, WA8KFB, N8YHU, KC8EQQ, KD8VUY, WD8AIG, N8ZNR, WA8KIW, KQ4TL, KD8TUR, KD8SIK, K8HM, and KD8UVU.

Special thanks to KC8EQQ for the use of his four-wheeler and to WA8KFB for furnishing some radios.


Many clubs have included family members in their holiday festivities.

The celebrations involved feasts ranging from potlucks and pizza parties to buffets and reasonably priced catered affairs. Some clubs had unique entertainment as well. For instance, QCEN played jeopardy with two categories each for hams and potential hams (called muggles). Ham and “muggle” prizes were awarded.

Portsmouth Radio Club (Scioto County) auctioned off a blend of gag and nice gifts brought by members as a fundraiser for their club. Attendees only discovered their new treasures after the bidding was over and presents were unwrapped.


Highland Amateur Radio association (HARA) elected Bob McFarland (N8ZDL) as President, Floyd Colville (KD8SIK) as Vice President, Kathy Levo (N8ZNR) as Secretary/Treasurer, and Dave Tourtelot (KD8TUR) as trustee for a 3-Year term.

The railroad came through Clinton County Thursday evening and all 2013 Clinton County ARA officers were returned to office with the exception of the Vice President. The new Vice President is now Dana Dunsieth, KB8FOW. Congratulations to all.

73, Kitty Hevener, W8TDA

Assistant Section Manager (SW)



Hi Gang,

This will be a Thanksgiving/Christmas for my family and friends to remember. For those of you who haven’t heard, I took a tumble on Thanksgiving morning just before everyone gathered to eat all the goodies my wife had prepared. My tumble ended up with me in the hospital with my right ankle being broken in two places. The long story short of it was that I had to have surgery the next day and 8 screws and a stainless steel plate were installed to hold everything together.

I’m ok now, but on crutches for the next 6 weeks. This means that right now I’m hobbling around the house on crutches and my office chair! Yes, my office chair makes a great “wheeled” chair. I can cruise all around the kitchen with little effort. Thanks to my son-in-law he moved my computer setup to the kitchen. So, I’m able to get on-line and do things. My radios are all downstairs and I haven’t been able to get to them yet, but I’m working on that one. I have figured a way to get down to the lower level without using my right leg, but my trip back upstairs is where I’m having problems. I’ll get there before Christmas you can bet on that one!

Now, like I said, I’m home and because I am, I have some time on my hands. So, I decided to change the entire website again. I wanted it more efficient and smarter looking and definitely easier to use. I believe I have it so it is all those things and more. I have even added some color to it as well. I think you’ll like it.

I’m going to continue to encourage you to watch the RSS feeds for all the updates to the website. You can set your browser / email programs to “watch” for updates coming through on these RSS feeds as well. This way you’ll be notified quicker that something has been added.

Ohio State (vs) Michigan football game wager..
As many of you older hams know, the Section Managers of these two great states have wagered on this game off and on for many years, usually it’s for some odd chore or goodies between the two managers. This year I wagered a dozen of my wife’s famous Buckeye candies against whatever Larry Camp, WB8R the Section Manager of Michigan wanted to give up. As any good Buckeye fan knows, Ohio State won the game in the very last few seconds of the game when Michigan tried to win the game with a two point conversion that didn’t happen with just seconds left on the clock. Well, I’m here to tell you that Larry paid off with a large two pound container of Planter’s nuts. The note he taped to the lid I feel says it all..

“Ahhh Nuts”. Better luck next year Larry, and thanks.. I’ll definitely enjoy them on while watching football and enjoying a brew or two. 

I’ve heard from a number of you on my article last month on watching out for spam messages. It’s amazing to me that there are so many folks out there that just sit and think up these things. Please, don’t fall into these jokers arms. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If they ask for money, don’t do it. Unfortunately greed is what keeps these guys going. It’s our greed to “get something for nothing” that sets the trap. As hams we’ve all been taught that we never get something for nothing, there’s always a price to pay. Whether it’s losses in the feedline, or DB gain, there’s always a price to pay. Always have your virus protection up-to-date to help prevent getting emails like this. Don’t have virus protection? You can download Microsoft’s Security Essentials for FREE.

There’s also a few others out there that are FREE as well. But, even though you may have the best virus protection available to you, there is still a possibility that you will get a virus/worm in your computer, I did. Always have your computer backed up so in case you do get something that you don’t want, you at least have a chance to survive it.

Do the “In the Clouds” backup programs work? I believe they do. I feel they are a great investment and I would (and do) highly recommend getting a subscription to one, if not right now, how’s about for a Christmas present!!

Some folks will undoubtedly say I don’t have anything in my computer that I have to worry about, and for those folks let me ask just this one question. How much money do you have saved up for a new computer right now? I say it that way because I only have a few hundred dollars in mine, but it is invaluable to me and the data that is stored on it would take a lot of hours and a tremendous amount of frustration to recover from losing it.

I do want to thank the Cambridge Amateur Radio Association (CARA) for the hospitality they extended to my wife, Janie, KB8YPW and I at their 100th anniversary party on December 14th. It was fun getting out and about. I have pictures of the event posted on the website. Please, go take a look. You’ll find the link to it on the front page of the website.

That’s going to do it for this month.. As I’m writing this article I’m thinking it will be the last time I write to all of you as the ASM Webmaster. It’s been my title for a lot of years. I will continue to maintain the website as before, but as of January 1st it will be as your Section Manager.

Frank, I will miss you greatly and the sometimes very lengthy talks that we’ve had over the years. You’ve been a real friend and I do appreciate it.

To all of you, please have a safe and joyous holiday and New Year. 2014 will be an exciting year as that the League will be turning 100 years old. There are many celebrations planned all over the country. If you can, try to participate in some of these celebrations. You’ll have a lot of fun! Enjoy your family, enjoy Amateur Radio.

73, Scott Yonally, N8SY

Assistant Section Manager



Being the Section Technical Coordinator gives me no relief from the challenges and obstacles many of us face in pursuit of our hobby. I have never been interested in the contests and building a contest busting shack. I prefer the more casual contact, taking to get to know the Ham on the other end of my QSO. Neither do I use a linear amplifier or one of those beam antennas that could break through the pile-ups.

Now, rest assured that I have a high respect for those who do work the contests and those who are fortunate enough to financially support a more ambitious shack with all the bells and whistles to do so.

Contesting is a significant portion of Amateur Radio and those who pursue it are often innovators who add measurably to the enjoyment of our hobby. I enjoy a more simple pursuit with wire antennas, 100 watts and catching some rare DX before the big guns have found it.

Until I found myself here in Tiffin on a lot with no trees and without sufficient room to erect a tower, I had always lived with many trees, at least enough to support those wire antennas. The Cushcraft vertical was my mainstay for HF operating here. I began to consider what other means I might employ without turning my back yard into an antenna farm, (Oh yes, I would love to do so) and garnering the angst of my neighbors who might not appreciate my interest in pursuing better operating conditions. I really wanted to get some wire into the air while keeping it modest and simple. But how to support the wire well enough to make a difference to my shack performance was the question.

A few years ago, I planted a treated 4X4 in the yard after the application of some sealer to both protect it and enhance the visual appeal. This worked very well while supporting the outdoor portion of a weather station I had purchased. I started to explore the possibility this fall of using a pair of 4X6 treated supports to hold a wire antenna aloft. I nearly waited too far into the season to get it started. A 4X6 that is 16 feet in length needs concrete around it to insure that it doesn’t begin to lean over and freezing temperatures must be avoided when allowing concrete to cure properly.

I purchased the treated lumber, a pair of 4X6’s 16 feet in length, got them sealed and ready to erect and completed the two holes in the back yard to stand them in. Now the great weather we had been experiencing turned to rain every other day and near or below freezing at night. Fortunately, we had an improvement in weather conditions and with the help of Mark WD8KQX, the posts were planted and the concrete curing nicely. Other than the ARES activation with active tornado warnings immediately afterward, I could see this all coming to fruition soon.

I had purchased all the required parts to erect an “Off Center Fed Dipole” and was into the construction when I found one that I had purchased several years ago in the storage container with some of my antenna materials. Now, I have no excuse or reason to delay. Mark and I had engineered this project to include the two support timbers along with several sections each of surplus aluminum military mast attached to the wood. I now had a pair of support structures planted and capable of elevating a wire antenna more than 20 feet above ground.

One of my objectives was to get on the air with something that would allow me to work the Ohio HF nets. So height wasn’t to be the defining parameter. Low incident propagation was the desire and I could always increase the length vertically by adding more of those mast sections if DX performance was poor. The two supports run diagonally across the back yard allowing me as much horizontal length as possible.

The OCF dipole is approximately 68 feet long and supports 40 through 10 meters utilizing a tuner. I placed an eye bolt and pulley at the top of the mast section on each end and I am able to lower the wire for maintenance or to change out the antenna with another design. Since the supports are pretty well fixed I didn’t need a means to allow for movement such as I would have using trees that sway considerably in the wind.

So far, I am impressed with the performance and with the sun spot cycle finally showing some potential, I expect some enjoyable operating this winter. The supports don’t look to bad either. The time I spent sealing them adds much to their appeal and hopefully neighborhood acceptance.

I would be happy to share more of the details with anyone who finds their own environment similar with a desire to improve operating potential.

73, Jim Yoder W8ERW

Technical Coordinator



I’m still working on Ham radio but it has dropped off. I have up days and down days and more down than up.

Sent my FT 857D to Florida to be fixed. When I got home the Gent that as fixing it reported back that it has Motherboard problems and more.

I’ll be heading to MD for Christmas and the day after I’ll be headed North on Amtrak 1st Class compliments of my son, Mark who will pick me up in Boston and take me to Maine for a week.

Will try to get my head on straight by the time I return from there.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All!

73/88, Connie Hamilton, N8IO

Assistant Section Manager - Southeast Ohio



Anthony Luscre, K8ZT, Ohio Assistant Section Manger for Education Outreach to present at 2014 Ohio Educational Technology Conference.

Session Title: Radio Technology in the Classroom, Cross Curricular, STEM Oriented Lessons for Grades 5-12, will be presented 1/28/2014 at Columbus Convention Center.

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is the third-largest state educational technology conference in the nation. Each year, more than 5,000 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts come together to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio. Anthony has presented at previous years of this conference on a wide variety of technology and educational oriented subjects.

Session full description: "Often when one hears of Radio in the Classroom their thought go back to Educational TV or even further back to early days of "wireless" radio shows and networks. Most people fail to realize that Radio Technology is more important then ever as it is basis of our mobile technology devices, cell phones, tablets, remote controls, robotics and other 21 Century Tools. This session will discuss ways that you can bring radio technology into your classroom in a wide variety of curriculum areas. The inclusion of Radio Technology injects STEM concepts and thinking into all areas of curriculum. Don't know much about radio, electronics, robotics, satellites? This session will get you started with a wide variety of resources and professional development opportunities for you to start from zero and gain confidence to include Radio Technology in your classroom. We will also present you with pre-made lesson plans, community resources and other aids to get you started. Did I mention that much of this is FREE? A variety of both nonprofit, commercial and government agencies have came together to provide Teacher professional development in Radio Technology at no cost to participants. They also provide grant funds that you can utilize to for equipment and teaching materials. With the recent "Makers" movement the idea of building, experimenting and innovation is taking off and you can bring your class along for the ride!"

73, Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

Assistant Section Manager - Educational Outreach



It is time again for the Annual ARRL Ohio Section Amateur (Ham) Radio Newsletter Contest. This contest has become very popular and there have been obvious improvements to the newsletters over the years. This was the objective of the Ohio Section PIC (Joe Phillips, K8QOE) when he created it back in 1992..."

Now the rules:

A.) An eligible newsletter must be regularly published at least four (4) times per year by an Ohio Amateur Radio organization. The Ohio Section Journal and the newsletter for any club that the current PIC is affiliated with are not eligible.

B.) Each organization submitting a newsletter for the contest must enter at least two (2) issues starting with January 2014 for judging.

All Amateur organizations that have regularly been sending newsletters to the Ohio PIC are automatically entered (as long as these publications qualify under rule A, or C if applicable). Unless you are automatically entered, the deadline for entries is Monday, June 30, 2014, and all entries must be in the hands of the Ohio PIC by that date.

C.) Electronic (Web based) produced newsletters may also enter.

Non-amateurs, in the Public Relations industry will do the judging. They will be judging on style (15%), content (35%), service to membership (35%), and clarity of presentation (15%). Style means newsletter design of all pages. Content means amount of useful information contained in the newsletter. Service to members means amount of information using individual members' names. Clarity of presentation means readability of the newsletter including accuracy of English grammar.

D.) No entries can be returned and all decisions of the judges on content and eligibility are final. The Ohio PIC only serves to certify entries, to provide the judges with entries, and to announce their decisions only.

E.) The decision of the judges is final.



You're Invited to a VERY SPECIAL PCARS Meeting on February 10, 2014 at 7pm to hear Bob Heil, K9EID, of Heil Sound.

PCARS will be hosting a LIVE Skype presentation with "Yes" THE Bob Heil.

The Skype presentation will be Monday - February 10, 2014 - 7 PM at Stringz & Wingz - Located at 1543 State Route 303 in Streetsboro, Ohio.

Since this is something extra-ordinary, everyone, and anyone, that would like to attend is invited to see Bob's presentation.

We got the room & PCARS looks forward to your being there!

In Bob’s own words:  "I have no set scripts for my presentations. We get into audio, antennas as well as some theory - keeping it simple."

If you need more information? Contact PCARS President - Tom,



Celebrating the Birth and Birthplace of Thomas Edison

Feb 8-Feb 9, 1500Z-2100Z, NI8G, Milan, OH.

The Thomas Edison Memorial Radio Club.
28.370 21.270 14.270 7.270.

Certificate & QSL. Jack Hubbard, 13113 River Rd, Milan, OH 44846.
SASE required; e-QSL available.


Freeze Your Acorns Off

Feb 15, 1500Z-2100Z, K8BF/FYAO, Kent, OH.

Portage County Amateur Radio Service.
28.350 21.300 14.250 3.875 EchoLink thru the K8SRR Node.

Certificate. Robert Hewett , K8FEY, 3670 Sea Ray Cv, Reminderville, OH 44202.
FYAO Stations will use their own call/FYAO.
For 8x10 color Certificate, send appropriate sized SASE.



01/19/2014 SCARF Hamfest

Nelsonville, OH
Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
Wallick Auction House


01/26/2014 | Tusco ARC Hamfest

Strasburg, OH
Tusco Amateur Radio Club